Outpacing Evolution

Modern Strategies to Counter the Increasing Sophistication of Bots

Security Risks

Bots often aim to poison online forms, compromising data integrity and security. Bots are a key tool for cybercriminals in scraping and stealing business-critical assets, leading to significant financial and reputational damage.


Advanced bots and organized cybercriminals can bypass many CAPTCHA tests, stealing data and assets, all while causing harm to web operations.

Poor User Experience

Systems often present hurdles for legitimate users, leading to frustration and potential customer loss.


Visually unappealing and disconnected with existing digital brand assets.




Leveraging AI-driven technology and powerful Machine Learning

BoomID’s Bot Protection defends businesses
while providing users with a brand enhancing experience

  • Open marketplace for creation of unique brand-related puzzles
  • Machine learned analytics to detect human and bot behavior
  • Unique fun gamified solutions that address even high-risk attack vectors
  • Cutting edge research from international university studies on the advancement of bot detection
Customized, Brand-Enhancing Puzzles

Demonstrates extensive capabilities beyond our appealing interface

Seamless and interactive user experience

SaaS based with fast and simple integration

Enhances brand awareness

Accurately distinguish humans and bots

Efficiently blocks malicious attacks

Cost effective

BoomID determines risky behavior

  • Device Print

    Confirmation if this device been used for malicious or risky activity in the past.

  • User Behavior

    Track erratic mouse movements, Excessive clicking, Perfectly consistent key presses or mouse movements (indicator of non-human activity).

  • Repeat Interactions

    Identify an indicator of compromise if multiple interactions follow the same exact user flow (mainly mouse movements and behavior).

BoomID Bot Protection dynamically determines risky behavior, detects and defeats new threats

Identify threats from bad actors using innovative, AI-powered pattern recognition technology that isolates abnormal behavior in near real-time, providing unparalleled protection for your digital environment.

Remain one step ahead of emerging threats using proactive threat intelligence to nullify risks before they can impact your business operations.

A dynamic and evolving system that adapts based on near real time feedback.

Identifies new and unfamiliar threats based on behavior indicators, and pattern recognition.

BoomID provides seamless integration

  • Easy maintenance and monitoring
  • Does not require back-end website changes
  • Ready to plug into WordPress, Cloudflare and Shopify
  • Integration with web platforms
  • Fast Implementation
  • Supports direct integration with any website